EndNote X7, CWYW get rid of automatic bibliography, but keep notes.

Is there a way to prevent the bibliography from automatically appearing when using Word CWYW and EndNote X7?  I want to keep the document’s endnotes linked to EndNote, but not have the bibliography appear.

All other answers I’ve found suggest turning off CWYW, but then I will have to format my references manually, which I don’t want to do.

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I thought there was a box, but that may only be in footnotes styles.  I assume eventually you will want a bibliography?  The easiest way to temporarily have the cites formated, but no bibliography is to edit your current style, remove all the bibliography templates, including generic, and save to a new name (with no-bibliography) and use that.  When you come to the final version and want the bibliography back again, switch back to the originial output style.  For example, I attach an Author-Date no bibliography version as an example, below.  

Author-Date no-bibliography.ens (6.59 KB)