automatic imports of pdfs

After upgrading from v5x to v7, I now have the (wonderful!) pdf import option.  In v5 I had used the call number field to enter a customized call number to identify my documents in my research folder.  So I have a file named, say, “365 -title”.

  1. Now, when I imported into 7, I have a bunch of documents that have the file attached and give the original title that I entered, but with no information in the other fields, such as author, year, journal name, abstract, etc.  My original entries had all this information included.

  2. Then I have a bunch of files that EndNote imported, with the author-year-title sequence as I selected in preferences, with all field information, and file attached, but without the customizex call number entered (as i woudl expect). 

Some of these are now duplicates - one entry for each of Items 1 and 2 above.  Question 1 - if I delete the records that are in Item 1 above, will I affect duplicate entries in Item 2 in any way.

Question 2 - I cannot find a pattern for when EndNote decided to import a duplicate file, as per Item 2.  And, of course, the title of the duplicate documents is actually different, so I can’t identify them through the duplicate search function.  Do you know of any way to find duplicates so I can delete unneeded files? 

Question 3 - why would EndNote not have a consistent approach to creating these two sets of files?  That is, do I need to do something different in settings and then repeat the import in some way?

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