Google Scholar - Import to EndNote - both article and reference at same time?

I think I am missing something, and my apologies for such a basic question.

But if I am at Google Scholar, and I put in a article name, I get a bunch of listings.

Under one of the links I have the option to Import into EndNote, which saves a file that I double click and a reference is created in EndNote.  Great.

But I also want to actual PDF article imported into EndNote as an attachment to the reference.  If I go to the PDF link I get the PDF and I dont see any way of importing that into EndNote, so that I get the article saved in my library with the reference.  Right now I am creating the reference, going back to the page, saving the PDF, then going back to the reference and attaching the PDF to the reference - which is really cumbersome.

Whats the best way to do this?  

I am a new user and I replied only because no one else has so far.  The clumsy way you are doing it is what I have been doing.  I have X2 and the “automatic” way has not been working; I just found out there is a patch for this function in X2.  And we have ordered X4, which I hope you already have.

The better way, once you have the reference in a library, is to have EndNote search for pdf and attach it.  If you have X3 or X4, you can set this up through Edit/Preferences.  The last item in the list that comes up will be Finding Full Text.  Selecting this opens a window that allows you to enter two URLs (which you can get from your library), one for the Open URL link, the other for “authenticating” something (maybe permission to access the journals and archive databases).

Once that is set up, select one (or multiple) references in the library.  Click “references” in the bar above and “find full text.” With any luck, this will merrily find and attach the pdfs, depending on whether the journals they are in are accessible through the subscriptions your library has.  Google Scholar is a good backup for articles that are not automatically available.   

Some of this information is in the FAQ (search question 6) in the EndNote support section of  It should be in the Users’ Guide for your version there, too.  Good luck!