Different reference type - different capitalization for author


When I cite books , I need the author’s name to be in small caps.

When I cite journal articles , I need the name to be in normal caps.

How do I edit a style so this is reflected?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(for those wondering: I need my citations to conform with the Bluebook style; the one in EndNote is not up to date)

Anyone? Please?

The only way I can see to accomplish this, might be to change your books to use the Editor (secondary author) as the Author, where you can specify those to be Small Caps, leaving the Journal Authors to be plain font.  This would require moving the Authors to the other field for books.  I don’t know if this would mess up other ref types for you. You would have to edit your style to use this new field in the templates.   

Thanks. It doesn’t solve my problem, but it seems what I’m looking for isn’t feasible in Endnote. Anyhow, your answer was quite creative :wink: