Endnote X4 and Word 2011 - Bilbilography all CAPS

Hello everyone.

There seem to be a serious bug, I am the only one having this Issue?

When I format my bibliography in Word 2011 it comes out all in CAPS: AUTHOR, YEAR, NAME, CITY, EDITION.

I have double checked the output style selected and tried all options (headline title, sentence title, leave titles as they are etc) but it won’t change. 

Any idea?

You should indicate on which version you are working: Mac I suppose but which version of Endnote X4 ? I suppose that you use the beta which is the only one compatible to Word 2011. But which beta (1, 2 or 3) ?

I use the beta 2 and 3 on Word 2011 without problem.

The only solution I see for your problem is that a style used for bibliography imposed capitalized characters. The style used for bibliography is the style of the last paragraph of your text.


Thanks Marc,

Let me try with the last beta and will let you know

But also as suggested by Marc, check that last paragraph.  Did you enter the heading “references” as an all caps option, and is that the last paragraph?

Hi, I have the same problem, I have Mac word 2011 and endnote X4.0.2. the names of the authors appear in my bibliography with capital letters. I even changed the style of my last paragraph in text which is the word “references”. but the problem did not solve. Could someone tell me what to do?

If it just the authors and not all the fields, you are likely using a style that specifies that the Author field be all caps, or that in your records, the authors are entered as all caps. Try formatting the manuscript with a different style, and see if it is style specific, and not document specific. 

yes, that was the problem, now it is solved. Many thanks :-)