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no matter what style I format my bibliography with, it always appears all-bold, even though the templates of the styles I use have characters in plain font style. If I use Word to convert my bibliography from bold to plain font style, I lose any special formatting, like the journal issue numbers only being in bold, while the author names, page ranges etc are in plain font style.

I have spent considerable time trying to solve this, but without any success. I have Windows VISTA with Endnote X1.01.

Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!

If the paragraph where the bibliography is inserted is formated as Bold, which might happen for example if you but the bolded “Reference” heading and then hit carriage return,  or if there is no paragraph symbol after the heading “References” which is bolded then the references might come out bolded.  If you select the whole of the references including paragraph symbols before and after the formatted references (just to be sure) and unbold everything and then reformat the paper, I think you will find that the appropriate bolding of specific sections will be restored.  Alternatively delete the bibliography and make sure there is a  paragraph after the title heading is not bolded and is not a “heading” papagraph type (body text or normal). 

To see the paragraph symbols, you can click on the reverse P in the word toolbar, which is right in front of the % view box. 

I am obliged to Leanne for the prompt and accurate reply.

As stated, the key point is to mark " including paragraph symbols before and after the formatted references".

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Hi everyone

I have a related issue: everytime I update the endnote bibliography, the font style changes. Is there any way of “locking” the bibliography font style to a predetermined one? It is really annoying to have the text style always reverting.

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Have you made sure that the underlying “normal” font of the word document you are working on, is the font that you really want to be used?

I also have this problem and the normal style font is appropriately designated. However, whenever I “update citations and bibiography” the font of the bibliography reverts back to Times New Roman. Is the font part of the output style?

Can be, but rare.  

You can check by opening the template and ensuring it says “Plain” as shown in the attached image. Ctrl+T will restore it to plain (but also remove the Italics in this example).   (this is Windows interface, in Mac you may have to first select the formatting option from the Edit menu under Font)