Trying to get bold and plain style in my bibliography


I want to set my output style to display each of my citations as a bold ‘header’ for each reference in the bibliography of my Word doc. E.g:

Williams 2003

Williams AB, Lopez CD, Khan EF. This is the article title, BMJ, 2003; 354: 233-256.

I am using the Bibliography Layout option and “Start each reference with” “Citation” to do this.

I want ‘plain’ text style for the in-text citation template and bold  text style for the citation when it appears in the bibliography. I’ve selected the relevant plain/bold formatting options in EndNote but when I update in Word, both are plain. And if I set the citation style to bold, both are bold.

I’ve tried fiddling with the paragraph symbols at the start and end of the bibliography but it didn’t seem to work.

 I’d be grateful for any help with this. 

Cochrane Handbook_2015.ens (15.7 KB)

Your output style is very interesting and achieved something I thought would be impossible, as citation isn’t a choice in the layout options!  – But I think you have hit a wall, unless you can use the other citation option for the text and the first one for the layout in bibliography.  It doesn’t appear that your font style in the layout can override that in the citation template.  

Thanks for your reply.

Is there any other way I can use EndNote to get my desired format in Word? A colleague who worked on these references for the previous edition of our book created custom fields with the name of first author and the year and added these manually to each record to produce the ‘header’ part of each reference. But naturally I am keen to explore other, less time-consuming, options!

I suspect your colleague used the custom field to hold the First Author Year information as he wanted it to appear, and then used the subject bibliography tool to generate the output for the book.  So know, I don’t think I can come up with a simpler solution. 

It would be nice if the developers included the “first author” as a choice to copy the relevent informormation to a custom field, using the copy/move/change tool, but it doesn’t have “first author” as an option. 

You could copy the authors and then the year to a custom field, and clean them up (remove the rest of the authors and initials, and you only have to do it on the citations/records you will use in the book).  

Then you create a subject bibliography with that custom field as the selection and sort critera.     

I decided to test this, and it wasn’t TOO laborious to removed the extraneous author info from the field.  

To get to my desired style I had a colleague help me to produce a macro in Word that will automatically do the last piece of the puzzle (i.e. format my reference headers into bold). It seems to work well. 

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