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I am working with EndNote X2 and Word 2003 on Windows XP.
I am trying to export my bibliography into my word document based on the generated output style. However word doesn´t use this format. As the paragraph in the word document is formated as “heading 1” the bibliography appears all bold, 14pt. I haven´t found a way to change it. Even creating a new bibliography didn´t solve the problem.
It would be wonderful to receive support.

If you are exporting the entire bibliography into Word (not using Cite While You Write as you go) then once it is in Word, the bibliography font and size are determined by Word.  You can highlight all of the bibliography and change the format using the Word options.  Heading 1 is 14pt bold I believe, so just highligh the bibliography and change the format to “Normal” then select the font and size you want.

If using Cite While You Write, you must chang the bibliography using the “Format Bibliography” Endnote tool in Word and go to the Layout tab to change the font and size.

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The Layout tab only changes the “heading” and not the bibliography itself. 

Correction to my comment above.  The layout tab can change the font for the bibliography, but the default is picked up from the word document.  Therefore although you can overide that font in the layout tab, I prefer to ensure that the document has a “normal” style set correctly and that those last pararaphs after the “References” heading are body text or other normal paragraphs with the ‘NORMAL’ style. 

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Thanks to all of you This helped. I finally solved the problem - can´t believe it.