Bibliography formatting in AP-6th

I admit to being a nuisance and slow on the uptake…

I asked about changing the bibliography formatting so that titles would be in italics and not underlined.  I did receive a response – two in fact – which, since I have just had to re-install everything,  went back to repeat.

But all my titles are still ending up underlined and not italicized.

I went to the Edit/Output Styles, and selected AP 6th.  I went down to the titles for books and book sections, highlighted them, pressed “P”, then pressed “I”.  All seemed fine.

So I saved the style, overwriting the one there.

I went back to Word, then selected a couple from EndNote to put into Word – and the titles were underlined and not italicized.

What the devil am I doing wrong here?

I even double-checked the APA manual to make sure I have to get this right, and yes, I gots to.



Chuck Billow

You mentioned saving and overwriting the APA output style, however, EndNote’s default save setting adds the word “Copy” to the modified output style (i.e., APA 6th Copy ).  It’s easy to miss this while quickly clicking OK on the prompts and not notice the changes have been saved to “APA 6th Copy”.

Unless  the word “Copy” is manually deleted prior to saving the output style file, the output style changes will now be saved to a different output style (APA 6h Copy).  In turn this means that the output style setting in both EndNote and MS Word must be changed to “APA 6th Copy” the changes will not be operative - which may explain why you are not seeing the modifications.

And it doesn’t “overwrite” the original either.  Now you have “two” with that name.  One in the installation directory and one in the user directory.  and I don’t have any idea how you know which one it is using.  I recommend always renaming so there isn’t any confusion.