Bibliography formatting problem

I am using a custom output style in EndNote X7 (with Word 2013) and I cannot get the bibliography to format as a nice numbered list, i.e. with a space between the number and the first word and then with the second and subsequent lines all lined up below the first word of the first line. No matter what settings I adjust in the output style layout field, in the Word style, or in the Word paragraph settings, I always end up with the start of the second line directly under the number. I would be really grateful if anyone could advise me on what I’m doing wrong.

As a workaround I can remove the bibliography number from the output style layout field and then apply a numbered list to the formatted bibliograpy. However this formatting is then lost as soon as I update bibliography.

Have You tried to set “Hanging Indent” under “Layout” to “All paragraphs”?

It worked for me.


Since X7, you can also edit the Word style for Endnote Bibliography.  This is an undocumented feature.  

Go into one of the bibliography entries, format paragraph settings it as you would like them to appear (add the hanging indent in this case) – then right click and choose “Styles” (word styles) and then the first option, which should be – “update Endnote Bibliography to match selection”.  It should now be applied to all the listed references and  “stick”.