Bibliography only on one page

Hi, using Word 2016, Endnote X7 - after recent update.

When creating a Word document with multiple citations  - the bibliogrpahy at the end of the document only show on one page.

The bibliography does not run over to the next page?

You might try the following steps to reset the EndNote Bibliography Style in Word.

If this does not resolve the issue the please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


This kind of thing happens if somehow the bibliography is pasted into a “frame” or “textbox”.  that can happen if the last thing in the document was a frame or textbox, when the first citations were added. 

I have no clue how to fix this ‘one page’ references.  It constantly puts my references in a text box. How do I stop this?

Right click on the box - format frame - remove frame
It might keep both the unframed and framed versions, you will have to delete the framed one and maybe if you can convert to PDF so it doesn’t come up again (as it is known to happen with Endnote!). Hope this helps :slight_smile: