Bibliography part missing

Dear Community,

I just realized the latest version of my document (saved 2 months ago) has an totally incomplete bibliography. The correct amount of citations which are supposed to be listed and connected to the citations in the text are 152 citations. In the latest version there are only 39 citations. It does add new ones correctly (new one then is no. 40), but I have no idea why the citations from 39-150 disapeared. They are still in the text, but never show up in the bibliography, no matter how many times I uptdate. In the last version before this version it is still correct with 150 citations in the bibliography. But I changed a lot in the content in between those two versions, so I would like to use the latest one but I have no idea how to fix the problem withe the bibliography.

Does anyone know why the bibliography does only show the first third of all citations?

I would be very greatful for any hints.

Thans a lot!


It sounds like the endnote fields have been lost in the older part of your most recent version of your thesis.  Did someone open make changes and save it from a program other than Word?  That would erase the endnote fields, for example.  

My best suggestion would be to make a copy of both documents, then unformat citations to temporary citations in both documents.  In the new document, this will probably only convert those newer citations and the old ones will remain as plain text.  (if they also convert, then something else is going on, but saving it to a new file (to protect it) and then reformat to see if you recover them as endnote fields.  

If some are converted and others are not, in the new document and all of the citations are converted to temporary citations {author, Year #RecNo}  – Then – make copies of them again.  Now compare the old one to the new one.  

If you do a compare documents using word  – you can reject the  original plain text citations and recover the temporary citations for those and then accept all the new content.  

(long time Endnote user)