Bibliography Problems

Hi all

I’m new to using end-note and so I apologize if this is a really stupid question. I have version 3.1.2 installed on my laptop that uses MS Word 2003. I’ve uploaded the patch that comes with it so I’m able to insert citations now; however when I go to create a bibliography I get the following error

“The main document style “Author-Date.en” was not found in the current styles folder”

This is the same regardless of changing the format of the citation…any help would be GREATLY appreciated; thanks!


“The main document style “Author-Date.en” was not found in the current styles folder” (was it really "Author-Date.ens?)


I assume you mean you are using Endnote X3.1.2?


It sounds like you need to find the Author-Date.ens style as it appears it wasn’t installed in the folder “installed styles folder” (located in the Endnote folder in the Program Folder on the C: drive) nor is it in the folder you are pointing to in your Folder location in preferences (which should NOT be  the program folder/endnote/styles folder, but should be a folder in a user folder like MyDocuments/styles or your favorite place for those kind of things) or in the .  If it was not installed for some reason with the software, you should be able to go into help, and access the styles on the web, find it and download it.  It should open in Endnote and you can save it, and it will be located in the right place. 




Hi Leanne

Thanks for your response- I have the older version of EndNote (1989-1999, stated “Version 3.1.2” on the CD). When I select “format bibliography” from the tools menu in MS Word, the “with style” field is “Author-Date.ens”; but the error occurs with “Author-Date.EN” (weird; I know)- it also opens up in “Microsoft Visual Basics”…which I don’t believe is supposed to happen at least according to the manual…

In either case I’ve tried following your directions but I actualy don’t have an “installed styles folder”- I have just a regular “Styles” folder but it has all the ENS files. If you have any other suggestions it would be great…? If not thanks again for trying!

What operating system are you using? 

Windows Vista Business?

@june_bug45 wrote:

 …I have the older version of EndNote (1989-1999, stated “Version 3.1.2” on the CD)…

You might be experiencing serious compatibility issues from using a very old version of EndNote (v. 3.1.2) with a newer version of Windows (Vista).  It might be best to upgrade to the latest version of EndNote (v. 14) but as a last resort could try contacting tech support to see what they might suggest:

One thing to try would be to move the styles folder to a local drive to which you have write access.  That isn’t true of the C:Program Folder/Endnote/Styles folder location.  The change your preferences to point there. Also make sure if you download any styles from the website, you get the old set and not the new set (which would be downloaded by default).  But I too think you should up grade to a program of a more recent vintage.  Using software that is more than 10 years old with a more recent word processor and operating system is often a recipe for disaster.

We would suggest very strongly not using EN 3 with Windows Vista, seeing as version 3 of EndNote is well over a decade old at this point.  if I recall correctly, it was designed to run under Windows 3.1 with compatibility for Windows 95 as well. 

Paradoxically, you might actually have better luck running it under Windows 7 in Windows 95 compatibility mode than in Vista, but either way it’s going to be very, very unsupported and probably very, very buggy.   You can call us here in tech support and we can take a crack at trying to resolve your issue, but I don’t want to give you any false hope – it’s almost certainly going to end up just plain not working.

I should also mention that your EndNote 3 CWYW tools won’t work reliably if at all in Word 2003.  They will work in Word 2002, but only so long as you only view your document in Draft Mode.

Thanks everyone (CrazyGecko/Leanne/MikeV) for your help- it’s much appreciated! I’m definetely thinking of upgrading to a newer version of Endnote now; I’m just wondering if the libraries between versions are compatiable? Ex., I have a complete library for my thesis (+140 references entered) and I’d really rather NOT type them in again…will the newer version of EndNote take the old version? Thanks again!

“I’m just wondering if the libraries between versions are compatible?”

Yes - newer versions of EndNote can open older .enl files.

I recommend backing up any important files and then simply downloading and installing the demo version of EndNote X4 - it is easy and free to try out. Besides compatibility with current operating systems and word processors, you will benefit from a decade of advances and new features in EndNote X4.

There are dozens of short training video clips available to help you quickly get up to speed on the newer interface and functionality.

Good luck.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team