bibliography section: removing hyperlinks & setting default formatting

greetings gurus of citations

I am having some trouble and the help box isnt being helpful.

my problem is in the formatting of bibliographies.

I would be greatful if someone could tell me how to set the defaults for bibliography page of word document.

i am trying to:

  • set the default font to times new roman size 11

  • set 1.5 line spacing

  • remove the blue underlined hyperlinks

i have been doing this manually however it is getting annoying that the auto update keeps changing it back all the time.

I am using APA 6th(curtin) with endnote x6 on a pc, windows 7 32 bit. ms word student edition 2010

You can go to the Format Bibliography dialog and use the layout tab to change the font size and line spacing. Please see the following article:

The automatic hyperlinking of URLs in the bibliography is controlled my Microsoft Word. You can modify the AutoFormat as you type settings to uncheck the option to “Replace as you type” the “Internet and network paths with hyperlinks.”