bibliography sort order problem

I have come up against a problem that I can’t solve on the bibliography sort order. I have 4 types of my reference resources ( Book, conference paper, journal paper, website),and i need to order by their reference types, so I use Bibliography > Sort Order (user define: Reference Type + First Author) to sort those references.

In fact, I want my reference resources order like these:

Book / conference paper + journal paper / website

And Endnote X2 couldn’t take 2 types (conference paper+journal paper ) into account at the same time. The output is always …

Book …

conference paper….

journal paper …


how can I take 2 types ( conference paper+ journal paper) as one to consider? Can anybody help me out?

Thanks a lot!

The problem is solved by myself!

using a column “Label” to distinguish different types of references.

Label 1 -> Book

Label 2 -> Conference paper , and  Journal paper

Label 3 -> websites

and set bibliography sort order > sort order > other

Label +

First Author

that’s how it works!