Three questions on styles, URL, and delete message

Dear all,

I would like to post three questions, hoping for helpful advice. I am using Endnote X1.

  1. Author. Year. „Title.“|. Secondary Title|. Date, City|: Publisher|. <URL>| [Access Date]|.

This is my template for working papers in two styles (one for English, the other for my native language).

Oddly, in English, all fine while in German the second dot after the closing " of the title appears.

  1. Related to that: <URL>

When I simply copy an entry from Endnote into Word by using ctrl+k, all is fine. But when I use ctrl+c to generate the short reference that is later transferred into a fully fledged list with alt+3, the second arrow after the URL stays underlined although it never appears that way. Is there any way to get rid of the underlining straight away? When I use the “plain” button within an entry, it is recreated quickly after I close the entry.

  1. When I wish to delete an entry, a pop-up window asks me whether this delete/cancel message is to be displayed again. Once the box is ticked, it will not show up again. How can I get the warning back?

I appreciate all comments or suggestions.

Kind regards,