Citation with style [ABCD05] with EndNote X2

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ok, the question sounds real simple, but I wasn`t able to find a solution yet anyways. I am using EndNote X2 and Word 2007.

Basically I use the numbered literature list style, as it came with the template “Numbered”. But i want the citations in the text and in the literature list as well to appear as [ABCD05], [Smit08], etc instead of [1], [2], etc.

Example: [ABCD05] stands for

A = last name author1 (first letter)
B = last name author2 (first letter)

C = last name author3 (first letter)

D = last name author4 (first letter)
05 = year of publication

Ok i could go to the template and edit it as follows: Go to “Citations” -> “Templates” and exchange “Bibliography Number” by “Short Title” and the same in “Bibliography” -> “Layout”. But then I would have to manually edit each single literature entry by adding the IDs (in the form [ABCD05]) to the "Short Title" field. But this cant be the best way.

So my question is: How can I make EndNote X2 automatically create those [ABCD05] ID`s, hence one ID per literature entry?

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If you don’t want to create custom field by manually typing your Author ID (first letter of last name), I don’t think Endnote has an option to take only the first letter of last name automatically.

The [ABCD05] looks weid to me, so is that particular demand by a certain journal, or for your convenience view to shorten in-text citation?

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Thanks for the immediate reply!

Ok, I didnt know this required citation style was so special. Probably I just didnt manage to articulate well. I need this style for my thesis. And it is kind of common (in Germany) I guess. Ok here is an example taken out of: (IN ENGLISH)

References to the bibliography within the text are in the form
(1) [Ez99] for a source with one author: E (capital) stands for the first letter of the au-thor’s family name, z for the second letter of the family name, 99 stands for the year of publication,
(2) [Ez99a], [Ez99b], if a number of works by the same author exist from the same year,
(3) [AB00] or [ABC01] for a source with two or three authors: A, B and C stand for the first letters (in capitals) of the authors in the sequence in which they are listed in the source.
(4) in the case of more than three authors, only the first author mentioned in the source is listed, by analogy with (1), e.g. [Az99].


[AB00] Abel, K.; Bibel, U: Formatierungsrichtlinien für Tagungsbände. Format-Verlag, Bonn, 2000.

[ABC01] Abraham, N.; Bibel, U.; Corleone, P.: Formatting Contributions for LNI. In (Glück, H.I. Hrsg.): Proc. 7th Int. Conf. on Formatting of Workshop-Proceedings, New York, 1999. Noah & Sons, San Francisco, 2001; pp. 46-53.
[Az99] Azubi, L. et. al.: Die Fußnote in LNI-Bänden. In (Glück, H.I.; Gans, G. Eds.): For-matierung leicht gemacht - eine Einführung. Format-Verlag, Bonn, 1999; pp. 135-162
[Ez99] Ezgarani, O.: The Magic Format - Your Way to Pretty Books. Noah & Sons, 2000.

Did it get clearer?

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Yes, it is clear, but Endnote does not have an option to create this particular author list format, so the chance is to use custom field. It seems painful job, though. If it is common in Germany, some tools to create such author list may be available?

If all the thesis format requirements (in the world) becomes “Endnote compatible”, the number of posts in this forum will be much less, I guess.



ok good to know, Thank you!