Bibliography without abstract?

In my bibliography, it shows the whole abstract. How can I stop this?

  • I use Endnotes 20, Windows 10, Word 2016.
  • In Endnote/Tools/Output Styles I have “Author-Date”

I only went to see this:

Anderson, D. (2007). “THE ROLE OF COOPERATING TEACHERS’ POWER IN STUDENT TEACHING.” Education 128 (2): 307-323.

But it shows me this:

Anderson, D. (2007). “THE ROLE OF COOPERATING TEACHERS’ POWER IN STUDENT TEACHING.” Education 128 (2): 307-323.

            The student teaching practicum is the capstone event of a new teacher’s sequence of formal education and shapes the beginnings of one’s foray into to the teaching profession. Vital to that experience is the influence of the cooperating teacher. This study sought a better understanding of that influence, particularly the various aspects of cooperating teachers’ power. Through a mixed methods design, 56 student teachers and 48 cooperating teachers answered pre and post-practicum questionnaires. Furthermore, 12 student teachers and 12 cooperating teachers were interviewed. The data revealed that student teachers most commonly cited their cooperating teachers as having had an impact on their changes, and cooperating teachers were found to exercise power over their student teachers through their evaluations, rewards, distribution of knowledge, vested authority, and charisma. Student teachers and cooperating teachers alike should be made aware of the power differential, and the results of this study should aid teacher education programs develop training programs focused on effective mentorships.


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You need to make sure the endnote ribbon in word has that style selected - not the Endnote program.