Bibliography won't display abbreviated journal names

Hey collective internet subconscious,

I’m having a maddening problem trying to get citations to format correctly in my bibliography, using Apple Pages and Endnote X3. Having replaced my journal term list with an updated one and imported the appropriate style, I’m able to get the general style formatting in the biblio (including bolding, author abbreviations, etc) but not the journal abbreviations. Instead, whatever got imported as the journal name shows up.

If I “copy formatted” from Endnote itself, however, I get the correct abbreviation. 

Changing around the various abbreviation choices in the style edit dialogue doesn’t seem to have any effect. 

Any ideas?

I don’t have Pages on my Mac, but if this was happening with WORD, I would suspect I had not selected the modified version of the output style in WORD’s Cite While You Write.  If I make changes to a style in En X3, the style is saved as a custom style in your documents\endnote\style folder. Even though I have selected that output style in Endnote, I must also select it in WORD.  Sometimes the drop-down selection box in WORD is not wide enough to display the entire style name, so I have to be careful that I select the intended style.