Bibliography won't list all authors despite having checked 'list all author names'

Help!  I have a thesis due soon and I can’t get the bibliography to list all authors.  I have checked the ‘list all authors’ box in the output style manager but  when I update the bibliography nothing changes!  I have tried multiple styles and it won’t change.  

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks!

Assuming that listing all authors is appropriate per the style guidelines for your discipline.

Are you using the correct output style file? After modifying the Author Lists section of your EndNote output style to “List all authors” (see attached image) the modification is saved to a new Endnote output style file. The new Endnote output style file has the word “Copy” added to the file name so you would need to change the setting in MS Word to use the new output style file to have the bibliography updated to list all authors.

and remember you have to change the output style selected in the Document – not in Endnote!  

Thankyou for your reply Leanne!  Sorry if this is obvious but how do I change the output style in the document?  I only know how to do it in Endnote

Thanks for the reply, I have selected the ‘copy’ version in Endnote but I’m not sure how to select an output style in Word.  Sorry if this is an obvious question!

I finally got it!  Thankyou for your help, it was because the Endnote toolbar wasn’t displaying in Word so I couldn’t change the output style in th document

I see you sorted it out, and having the toolbar visible is an important step!

for others with similar questions. – 

EndNote: Cite While You Write tools are loaded into Word, but there’s no toolbar

If the EndNote plugins are loading, but the toolbar is not available, choose Toolbars from the View menu and select the EndNote toolbar. You can also toggle between the available toolbars by right-clicking on the current toolbar and selecting it from the list.

Word 2007/2010/2013/2016  only shows the tools on the “EndNote” tab, There is no separate toolbar.

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In Word 2010/2013 there is the Endnote ribbon and the selected output style is listed on that ribbon.  You would click on the dropdown and if your new style. When you make a change and save the output style to a new name, or download a new style from this forum or from the output style page, it won’t neccesarily show up in the drop down list.  Select the “see all styles” or “open styles manager”, navigate down the list to your new style and select it.  It should now appear in the dropdown and be the selected style in the box on the ribbon.  

Best of luck with your thesis!  Great accomplishment.