Bibliograpy Sort Order Not Working

Hello, I would like to sort my bibliography by year, followed by author. I went to Edit > Output Styles > Edit APA 6th and changed the sort order in the bibliography to year, followed by author. However, the sort order remains the same as the default setting when I export the bibliography. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

When you export, there is a (somewhat subtle) dropdown to select the style – make sure you 1) rename the style when you edit it, and 2) chose the new name in the dropdown. 

1 is particularly important if is one of the default set installed with endnote, becaue the edited one gets saved to a user designated folder and then they could be two of the same name and endnote somewhat randomly picks one, usually the installed one, and not the edited one. Endnote usually forces you to save as, and appends the word “copy” - which you can change to -year-sort, for example.