How do I change the bibliography title Endnote puts into my document?

I don’t understand why Endnote puts a “Bibliography” into my Pages document when I have Endnote set to APA 5th. style.  According to the APA 5th. style (from my university information) it should say “References” not “Bibliography”.

How do I change that default?

Am I doing something wrong?


I am not sure this is handled the same way for Pages as for MSWord.  The title is inserted as a part of the “Format Bibliography” Layout settings, which can be accessed by reformating the references in the paper.  There you will find the “title” that is inserted.  I never put anything there, and then I can type what ever I like and format it however I want.  Otherwise, the options for formating are a bit limited by Endnote (i.e. I don’t think you left align, only center?). 

I assume you mean in Word.  I can’t find that capability in Apple Pages.  Nor do I find it in Endnote.  Guess I am stuck having to change it in every document manually.


I just spoke with Apple support and according to him “Bibliography” is set by Endnote not Pages.  I can’t locate anything to confirm that nor where it may be changed including the APA specification output file.

Endnote folks - please advise.