Bringing in references for multiple articles from a single "book" or serial

I am a new Endnote user and admit that I have not fully researched this topic, but my efforts to date have not been sucessful.

As an example, I am trying to bring in all of the chapter citations for all 14 volumes of “Treatise on geochemistry”, 2nd ed. Each volume has up to 20 chapters, each with its own title and authors, so I am trying to bring in these 20 citations. Each volume also has its own editors, and title, and I need the chapter citations to ref the volume citation. Just to make it more confusing, there are 2 editions, 2005 and 2014.

Can u help me with specific advice?

I do not have access to the Thomas Reuters DB. My attempts in Pubmed were unsuccessful, in that treatise was not found. I can find treatise on google, with chapter titles and authors, but each chpt must be imported individually, and then there is a lot of manual editing for multiple authors, missing series name and eds, etc. Google Scholar is even worse, in that the chapters are very hard to find in a blizzard of unneeded information. UC Berkely site also had lots of manual editing and was one chapter at a time. Is there an easy way to do this?

One final question, is there a user group or other source, free or reasonably priced for an individual, that has many refs already compiled for easy selection and import into endnote?

Thanks in advance for your help. edhami121

Often you can find a download button on the publishers site.  

In the case of the example you gave, you can download from Science Direct (the link is provided from the Elselvier page for the book see third image attached, then see first which is SD interface and then 2nd image  is the resulting import).  Depending on your browser and browser settings, it may download the RIS file or automatically open it and import into Endnote.  

Not all publishers work as easily though.  Sometimes, you need to make one, and copy that “template” (with the book details but not the chapter details) and copy and paste chapter specific parts.  

Science direct is free to access, but the PDFs would not be available unless you purchase them.  

Leanne, thanks so much! Your solution worked very well.