Bug related to accented characters in references?

I recently discovered what I believe is a bug in the software, and I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered this and found a good solution.

Many of the references I’m using have accented characters in the authors’ names, e.g., Martínez, Valdés, etc.

I note that when I insert the reference into my Word document using Cite While You Write, there is no problem so long as the name with the accented character is the only reference. Ex: Eating vegetables is good for you (Martínez, 2009).

However, if I put any other citation in along with one that has an accented character, things get problematic. Ex: Eating fiber is good for you (Smith, 2011; Valdés, 2010). Doing this creates some problem in the macros such that when I close and then re-open the word file, some citations have disappeared and others have shifted.

The only solution I’ve found so far is to delete all accented characters from the names of my references. But I’m not happy about this since I’m essentially spelling people’s names wrong. Does anyone know if this is still a problem in more recent versions of EndNote? (I’m running X2.) Or has anyone found any other work around for this?


I have tested similar combinations of citations both with with é and one with a ç)  in X4 and find no problems.  I wonder if you have non-unicode versions of those characters and that is causing problems?  If you turn off CWYW, what do the unformated citations (curly bracketed form) look like?  In endnote, the The accent grave tells EndNote to treat the following character as regular text, and not as a significant character for parsing the citation. I wonder if yours are trying to be interpretted and causing it to ignore a semi-colon or other intergral part of the citation? 

Can’t test with X2, as I don’t have that installed anywhere.