Endonote (X2) removed all accents and special letters

Hi all!

I just encountered a strange problem I’m hoping to get help for.

I added i new reference to my library, and when i saved it endnote removed all special letters (ö,ä,å) as well as accents from all author names, except for the one I just added.

Is there any way to reverse this? (besides manually editing all 100 articles)

Has anyone else encountered it?

Anyone knows a way to avoid it from happening again?

p.s. Im using endnote X2.

I had the same problem importing citations from PsycInfo to EN X1 earlier this week.  I looked at the Connection Filters and found they were set to ANSEL instead of Uncode-8, not sure if that is the answer as I did not use EN online searching but imported the citations.  I corrected the citations - had greek letters as well to correct.  :smileyvery-happy: 

Thanks for the answer. 

Thanks! Mine was set the same way… I will change it and hopefully i wont have to re-correct everything again. :smiley: