bug: some citations seem to lose their formatting as citations (in Word/CWYW)

I recently switched from Reference Manager to EndNote, and I’m still getting used to EndNote. I’ve noticed something that seems like a bug in EN: occasionally my in-text references in a Word 2003 doc seem to lose their EndNote formatting, so that they are no longer tied to EndNote at all, and are just rich text. In other words, they seem to lose their Field Codes.

I’m using Chicago style A, with footnotes. 

This is only happening occasionally for some citations, and not for all of them. I sometimes don’t notice it at the time, but only later when I realize something I cited isn’t showing up in the bibliography. I’m not exactly sure when or why this is happening, but I think one of the times it might be happening is when I move a block of text or a footnote that contains references (using copy and paste) to another part of the document: so, if I decide to move a paragraph elsewhere, and it contains footnotes with EndNote citations, or if I decide to move a footnote from the end of one sentence to the end of another, the EndNote citations in the moved footnotes <i>sometimes</i> (but without any consistency) cease to be linked to EndNote. I think it’s happening more often when I move a block of text that contains footnotes (which themselves contain endnote references), than when I highlight only the footnote number and copy and paste it elsewhere. But I can’t be sure.

By the way, I’m not talking about migrating Word files with embedded citations from RefMan to EndNote. I’m having this problem with documents I created from scratch, using only EndNote, and where I initially added the citation using “insert citation” in the EndNote CWYW commands.

I mention RefMan only because I am used to certain things working there that don’t seem to work in EndNote, which is strange since they are all part of the same company now. 


I’m having a similar problem and even our ‘Endnote specialists’ don’t know what to do.

So, I’m sorry, no clever suggestions from my side, but rather a desparate: Did you find a solution to the problem since you posted this???


Nope. I haven’t had a chance to try it recently, though, since I switched to a new computer and to Office 2007. The only solution I found was just a workaround: to leave everything as unformatted citations and turn off automatic formating until I was done. Not ideal at all.


Just letting you know that you are not alone… I have the same problem, and did not figure out how to solve it yet.

I am now using Microsoft Word 2007 with EndNote X2.

Some times my references included in document footnotes lose formatting (e.g. instead of [3] I get the full verbose reference as included in the references section at the end of my document).

Let me know when you solve the issue.



Hi again,

I appear to have solved the problem. See “How do I use Footnotes in Word with EndNote?” at http://www.lib.uts.edu.au/faq/47