EN 3 CWYW not showing in-text citations in Word 2008 (Mac)

Hi all,

I updated my library and moved it to my DropBox (seemed safer that way, rather than just relying on my TimeMachine backups).  However, the bibliographic style file I’d updated for the American Political Science Association (EndNote’s provided one is all wrong) just disappeared in the move.  So I set up everything in the new location using a screen shot of the exact bibliographic output file that had previously worked.  Everything looks perfect EXCEPT that, when using CWYW, after it searches for an in-text citation and places the field codes in the text, the citation disappears.  That is, I can toggle the field codes on and off and see them there, but I can’t see ANY citation.  The space between the parentheses closes up and it appears as though there is nothing there.  In addition, it does not place the citations in any bibliography - in fact, it never starts an in-text bibliography in the first place.  I am totally confused as to what the problem could be, as both CWYW and EndNote 3 have been working perfectly up till now.  Any ideas are appreciated.  I am also emailing technical support to see if I can get something done.  Of course, this always happens before big grant or article deadlines!

You need to be aware that your edited style isn’t stored in your EndNote library.

Assuming what you have is X3 (thirteen) not three, EndNote would store the edited style in the Styles folder which is inside the EndNote program folder inside the Mac’s applications folder.

What happens if you try selecting a different style in Word, using the “format bibliography” option  - do any of them work correctly?

In addition to the advice from LLCC, you shouldn’t USE an endnote library saved in dropbox.  You can move it there and move it back  to use.  See this thread in response to a queryI raised, and the discussion linked there. (note added in edit- and ensure that you move the “compressed” enlx version and not just the .enl.  It is critical to maintain the .DATA folder and contents in synch with the .enl library.  In fact the .DATA folder is the most critical component and can be used to recreate the .enl file)

The linked thread just says saving the EndNote file in Dropbox “might” be a problem, but isn’t very specific.  Why exactly is this an issue?  Almost all of my colleagues in my department save their EndNote library and use it while it’s saved in their DropBox, so it would be nice to know more.

By the way, no one suggested the solution (including Thomson Reuters’ tech), so I’ll put it out there - just needed to update the CWYW preferences while in word and format bibliography option from “Amer J Political Science” to “Amer J Political Science Good Version.”  Like I said, major problems with the provided EndNote (*thirteen*) file.  It was a simple, if not a bit humbling solution.

I’m still very interested to hear others’ reasons for eschewing DropBox, but we can save that for another thread if you so desire.  Thanks for giving it a shot, folks.

There is a newcitations/bibliography functioninWord2007. This feature is similar to a basic version of EndNote, and allows the user to store references (sources) on their computer and addcitationsto aWorddocument. A bibliography can be generatedinone of ten styles (APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian and others). When EndNote X1 or later is installed, the commands relating to theWord2007 Bibliography function disappear from the References tab of the ribbon. The expectation is that someone using EndNote willnotbe using theWordBibliography function.

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