Bugs with Pages/EndNote x3 combination

MacBook Pro OS 10.6.2
EndNot x 3bld5276
Pages '09 4.0.3

This combination has multiple flaws making it all but unusable.

I developed a 6 page document with 7 tables and 42 references. To meet a deadline I had to finish it in Word and manually correct the content and order of references.

I used the “cite while you write function”

  1. During revisions when I inserted additional references into the body of text after and before prior references, the numbering changed from sequential in the text to sequential for the whole bibliography. Attempting to remove every citation and re-enter failed. Somehow the programs re-inserted everything.

  2. EndNote repeatedly made errors during the construction of references, e.g. leaving off authors and funning journal name into year without space or punctuation. Re-entering the citation into EndNote multiple times sometimes corrected this, sometimes not.

  3. Despite toggling all the appropriate places in EndNote when I tried to change styles, the desired style would not appear on Edit>EndNote Citations>Bibliography Format would not appear on the relevant document but did on another.

An extraordinarily frustrating time.