End Note is not producing references


I was properly working with a document, then I copied and pasted it into another one. 

The references were written as {Author, year}. I tried running the “Update citations and bibliography” but not all the references were found. Therefore, I decided to add {author, year #ID} manually. Again, it did not work. 

Later I pressed the button: “convert to unformatted citations” and that is how it all got messed up. 

Now nothing works, as if the Endnote library I was working in is no longer coupled to the word document. 

Word : Microsoft® Word for Microsoft 365 MSO (16.0.14131.20278) 64-bit

EndNote: version 20 



When you see your citation created within curved bracket { }, that means that the Instant Formatting is turned off. In the Bibliography area of the Endnote ribbon, there is an option to turn Instant Formatin on or off. Click that to turn it on and see if that helps.