Can not open library with EndNote X8

I use EndNote X8 (Bid 12000), running under macOSX 10.12.4). All ьн libraries are located on the desktop computer and not shared with any other users on the net. After about a couple of months of my work with EndNote X8, when I try to open my main library one more time, I have got such a message from the program: “This library is currently being used by someone else.  Try opening it again later.”

Trying to overcome this difficulty, I carried out the procedure for recovering the library. With numerous attempts to open its restored version, the program always crashed at the beginning of the PDF’s indexing process.

Many thanks in advance for the help!

If you haven’t already – call tech support.  I am assuming you rebooted the machine?  


Thank you very much for the effort to help. I have solved the problem with use the recent backiup library’s file and records on its changes up to the moment of crash. It’s took me some manual work, but not much.

Anatoliy Mandych




How did you do that? I’m trying to but it doesn’t work, I can’t open my endnote library etiher.


Backups!  congrats for remembering to mantain making those!