Cannot delete references

My patron has a Mac and X2. He is unable to delete references from his library. We tried using the menus, dragging and dropping, and pressing delete. 

He is the only one with access to the library and he says that he has not imported references from other libraries to it. 

Any suggestions?

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I have this same problem. I am completely unable to delete references from the EN X2 (Mac OS X) library once they are entered. I hope someone has a solution for this!

Can you attach a copy of the library as a .enlx file?  You would want to open the library and go to “File > Compressed Library > Create”

This can happen if there is a problem with the library.  Closing the library and going to “Tools > Recover Library” and recovering the library should resolve the issue.  Once the library is recovered you would want to open the new version of the library and then try deleting a reference.