Deleting references on Mac

Hi All,

I have a client running EndNote X4.0.2 on Mac OS X (10.6.8) and he cannot delete references.

I have done a search online and so far I have tried recovering the library and deleting the preference file.  It might be worth adding that the file he was working with was saved as a .enlp file (a packed file that macs can make).  ‘Normal’ endnote files are .enl.

Couldn’t see an answer to this in the Forum.  Thankyou

Hello Tony,

I haven’t heard of this problem using ENLP files on a Macintosh with EndNote.

If the user resaves the library without using the Save as Package option, does the same issue occur?

You should be able to use the “Save a Copy” option to save a non-package version.

Where is the actual ENLP file located on that machine?

Is the ENLP file locked?  Or, perhaps in a locked folder?

Does any of this help?

Please let us know.



Thanks Steve, I’ll get back to the client and see how she goes.  I’ll get back.



so how do you delete referenes? I have 1600 refs that I accidently downloaded…I want to delete them all, Nothing works!!! I cant delete any of them

First make a backup copy of your library by using the “Save a Copy” command under the File menu.

Once you have the backup of the libary, select the references you wish to delete. You can use command+click to select multiple non-contguous references in the library window.

After you have selected the references you wish to delete, click on References > Move References to Trash.

You can also use the command+d keyboard combination or drag and drop the selected references to the Trash group.