X2 and deleting references

MacOS 10.5.4, EndNote X2 (build 3548)

am trying to delete references but when I do any of these, nothing happens, no crash, no delete, no nothing

  1. Drag the selected references and drop them on the Trash group.

  2. From the References menu, choose Move References to Trash ( ![](file:///Applications/EndNote%20X2/EndNote%20X2.app/Contents/Resources/EndNote%20X2%20Help/Graphics/image002.gif)+D).

  3. From the Edit menu, choose Cut ( ![](file:///Applications/EndNote%20X2/EndNote%20X2.app/Contents/Resources/EndNote%20X2%20Help/Graphics/image002.gif)+X), which also stores the references temporarily on the Clipboard.

  4. From the Edit menu, choose Clear.

 how to fix this please?

maybe not, after a couple of Quit Start Quit Starts the problem disappeared, maybe just needed to get warmed up

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