cannt delete references

I have Endnote X2.0.1, running on Mac Snow Leopard (also with Word 2008). I cannot delete references from my library, using either trash  (command or drag) or the delete button. I saw something in another thread regarding multiple problems, including this one, for which the answer was to reset the preferences. But I have modified an output style and created a number of specialist references types, so I would dearly love to avoid having to re-do all those. Anny suggestions?

If this is a Preferences issue on the Macintosh then it involves the “com…endnote.plist” file. This is separate from the “RefTypeTable.xml” file that includes details of your customized Reference Types. It should be possible to reset one without impacting the other.

It might be worth calling our Technical Support team - 800-336-4474- they are very knowledgeable and would be happy to walk you through the process.

Jason Rollins, The EndNote team

What Jason said (which he replied while I was crafting this response), but if you are at all worried, I suggest exporting the reference type table, before deleting the preferences.  Then you have it to re-import, if things don’t work, or you resort to an more global uninstall -  to get back your ref type changes. Also, Resetting the preferences should not affect your modified output styles, although if they are in an unusual location you may need to reset that in the preferences folder location.  The help file describes how to export and import the reference type table under Reference type table/sharing (at least in the Windows version). 

This can also happen if the library is damaged.  Using the recover library command on the library and then working with the recovered library should allow you to properly delete references: