cannot find citation style for the journal of hand surgery asia-pacific volume.

  • To cite a reference with an author in the text, insert the author’s surname only and the citation number in superscript (e.g., Brown1)). For a reference with two authors, list both names in the citation (e.g., Brown and Copper2)). For a reference with three or more authors, use ‘et al.’ (e.g., Brown et al.3)). The citation number should be included just behind of a period or a comma (e.g. described.3)not as described3).).

 Can anyone help with a citation style that will match the above? I cannot find on endnote. Or an equivalent?


It’s always helpful to provide a link to the journal’s website so further information such as formatting references may help identify or at least narrow the number of possible Endnote output style files.

According to the journal’s submission criteria (refer to section “I” addressing references) there’s a note at the end of the section which refers to the “NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers”. As it turns out, there is an NLM output style file available in Endnote. (Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit  > Output Styles > Open Style Manager. In the EndNote Styles dialog box scroll down the list until you reach NLM then click the blank box next to the style name to select it. Close the dialog box to exit. Then change the output style file selection in Endnote and MS Word to use the NLM output style file.)

Thank you for the reply I really appreciate it. I will post a link to the site next time but see you have found it already.

I did see this and will use it. I just did not understand what they meant when the talk about to cite an author in the text but I think it means include the author up to 2 names and cite or if more than 3 use et al.

Do you agree?



Not a problem and thanks for asking about the in-text citation format. I checked Endnote’s “NLM” output style file and noted the citation templates, author lists, and author name settings did not conform to the requirements so adjusted the file which is attached*. Note that the settings will automatically generate the correct author format as you described. (Also refer to the image showing how the generated in-text citations will appear for 3 or more authors , 2 authors, and one author.

Updated post note : the output style file’s citation template was revised and updated and replaces the prior version.

*To install the output style file:

  1. Download the style file to your desktop.
  2. Double-click the style file.  It should open in EndNote.
  3. In EndNote, go to “File Menu” and choose “Save As”.  Delete the word “copy” from the file name and click “Save”.
  4. Click on “File Menu” and choose “Close Style”.
    NLM_tlhilton.ens (43.1 KB)

    NLM_tlhilton_ revised.ens (43.2 KB)