word does not find my library when using EnfNote Online

when I try to insert a citation, Word finds only a previous library which I cannot find back and have deleted from the EndNote Online server.

I does not find a new library which I created on EndNote Online.

How can I find this new library?


If you perform a search for a record in your current EndNote online library, is the record not appearing in order for you to insert it?

Hi Rick,

ik kan search in my reference using the quick search and the reference are found. But then when I go to Word and try to insert a reference it finds one library which I cannot find any more and I’m not able to make a library on my computer, I guess he is lookin in my computer or do you know where word finds the library when using EndNote Web?


Hello Ann,

The Cite While You Write tools for EndNote online enable you to perform a search of your EndNote online library. There can only be one set of references that exist in your online library with no way for the system to find records that are not present. If you perform a search using the “Find & Insert My References” dialog, it will search the contents of your existing library in the online account. Just type in the name of the author and click Find. If the record still does not appear, it may be a part of a group others are sharing with you. You can set records in those groups to be used for Cite While You Write. To do this, log into your account through a Web browser and click “Organize > Others’ Groups.” Please check the “Cite While You Write” option for the groups that contain records you wish to use in your documents.

Hi Jason,

where can I find ““Find & Insert My References” dialog”. I do not see it in Word nor in the online EndNote


Hello Ann,

If you are on a Mac using Word, you would click the Tools menu > EndNote > Insert Citation(s) to access this dialog. If you are using Word for Windows, click the Insert Citations button from the EndNote Web tab of the ribbon.

Hi Jason,

that’s the problem, if i go to insert citation, i only see a library which is empty, not existing and I cannot reach my other references in the online library


Right, it will be empty until you type in a search term and click Find. That is how it is designed. It does not just show you the contents of your online library.

Dear Jason, 

I am having the same problem. However, I have been trying to find the library but I have not been able to.  It is only only. I try with find the citation in word but it does not work. :frowning:

Could you give me a hint about what I could do? 

Thank you so so much 

Can you see your records in the online library?  see http://endnote.com/kb/82605 to make sure you have the right ribbon in your word setup.  


I have recently downloaded the new EndNote and my Word Document can’t find the citation of any NEW references that I have imported from PubMed.

Word is still able to find my old references.

When I go to my EndNote Library I can see the new citation has been imported though again it can’t be found when I try Cite it in the Word Doc.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hi Kristian,

If you searched Pubmed from EndNote, then the imported references are in an online references library, not your local library. You need to copy the references (either using the Copy to Local Library button or via References menu) to your local library, then they will become available for writing and citing.

Kind regards


Hi Stella! 

I have been struggling with the same problem and solved it by switching from “Endnote online” to just “Endnote”.

 I created a new Endnote library on my computer and wanted to copy citations from there to Word. However, when I searched for my citation with the “Insert citation” tool in Word, nothing came up and looked like the library was empty. 

I then discovered that in the “Preferences/Applications” tab in Endnote ribbon in Word that my preferences were set to “online account” and not “local Endnote library”. Apparently I didn’t have any libraries in the Online account. After switching to “local Endnote library” in that menu I found all my citations. 

Hope this helps!



I have the same issue when I am using endnote online. When I am trying to insert citation in word, only one of my reference lists is available. A new list I just created is not found when I search for it. Is this an issue with the online version of endnote? I am not using the endnote app.

Thank you,