cannot remove field codes

I use Word 2007 with EndNote 10.0.2. The addin shows up in Word 2007, but nothing clicks.  I manage to enter my reerences by using keystrokes. (I’ve been using these for over a year now)

Now, I need to remove the field codes in order to send my document to a publisher. In the past, the field codes have caused problems when emailing documents. I cannot find a way of removing them, since the cwyw buttons in Word don’t respond.

I have checked that the EndNote files are in Word Startup. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated - urgently

Shortest fix is to use the Word function to remove all field codes: Ctrl+Shift+F9. 

As to fixing your toolbars, you probably need to consult this faq

Make sure that you have a backup copy of your document before you remove the field codes, as this can not be undone and EndNote will not be able to change the formatting on the document.

Ooops, forgot that caveate!

Thank you for the advice. In the event, I found I could update to Version X1, and all problems have been solved.