Cannot use my endnote 8 -? firewall problem

I have end note 8 which worked perfectly for me before I came to this job- now big organisation with firewall and it just doesnt seem to talk to me at all! I can see the program in my program files and I can add in references by typing them in (whole point of program was to avoid this!) but even then I cannot bring them across to my word file. It keeps asking me how I want to bring it in (Ovid/ Medline etc) but rejects them all.

Can anyone help please?


IE or another browser? I assue this is via exporting from the provider, rather than searching a remote database thru endnote?

I get better exporting when I use Firefox (but your big organisation may not support it).  Also make sure Zotera is not installed (or if it is that you modify its preferences) which can divert the exports to itself.