Cant transfer to endnote web through endnote -no connection. Full version 5.

I am using Windows 7 and internet explorer 9 is my browser. Endnote v5 with disc and updates received when installing.

I see this question wasn’t resolved when it was asked before. Has anyone resolved this problem please?

I have tried to resolve this issue with technical support and no joy. I have done all the troubleshooting I can with the technical support I have had. I uninstalled all the registry keys and started again. The final reason given was that there is something blocking my internet access such as another programme. But my current problem is nothing to do with the set up or internet connection because I can use the browser to search using endnote. I have even transferred from Zotero and that means the internet connection is working. I turned off my security suite and windows firewall when I installed.

If anyone wants to know where it went wrong I get to this stage where I set up my account and the next step in instructions is missing. It automatically starts to transfer. I get a message saying I can’t connect. Before it was worse I couldn’t get access to endnote web. I also checked in endnote web and I am not registered so the process of connecting failed.

I finally went ahead and purchased endnote because a student who does a bit of work for me us endnote web and wants to do some work at home and if I get stuck she can assist. Also because my needs are simple she is going to give me some training. I have just got around to setting it up and using it. Also I transferred from Zotero and added a couple of resources to test my libraries I added. Then I began to try and connect to the web.

I don’t want to have to start using the programme without endnote web. I also got it because I was scared of losing my data like I did in Word - also because I could get instruction. I don’t want to sit down and have to figure out how to use it via tutorials I just do not have the time and no training available in my state. I know from this forum that using endnote web is not the same as endnote.

I hope someone can make a suggestion or tell me where to post this again.

Many thanks