Move references to trash not working

Dear Community,

any idea how I can resolve the above problem? Whichever way of the following from the handbook to delete references I try, I cannot delete references from my library nor access the trash folder:

  • Drag the selected references and drop them on the Trash group.

  • From the References menu, select Move References to Trash.

  • From the Edit menu, select Cut, which also stores the references temporarily on the Clipboard.

  • From the Edit menu, select Clear.

I’m on a Mac (OS 10.8.3) with Endnote X5 for Mac.

Thanks for your help,


edit: I also cannot attach a pdf to an existing reference.

Perhaps it’s because I created the  My EndNote Library.enlp file on a different mac?

I just checked, it’s neither a protected file nor do I have limited access from the mac I’m currently using (it’s the same admin user name on both macs).

Any hints?



Foolishly I did not try the obvious. After restarting everything works fine: deleting and attaching pdfs is back to normal.