Can't get CWYW in Mac Word 2008 with X5


I had to re-install my copy of MS Word into my desktop using Mac Lion. All software is up to the latest. The endnote.bundle is in the Word startup folder, but when I run it I don’t see Endote listed as a toolbar. I’'ve been using it in Wordf for years, so this is  a bit of a shock. Any help?



Hello Michael,

The first to double check is that:

Word 2008 SP1 must be installed for the EndNote tools to load into Word. To verify you have Service Pack 1, open Word and go to the Word menu and choose “About Word.” The version listed here must be 12.1.0 or higher. If it is not you can get the update from the following website:

The next thing to check is:

Please check your Word 2008 Preferences for the Startup folder location. In Word go to Word > Preferences > File Locations > Startup folder. If Word is looking in a different location than where the EndNote tools are located the tools will not function. If you reset the folder location to the standard location and quit Word, the tools should show up the next time you start Word.

The standard startup folder location should be set to:

Applications > Microsoft Office 2008 > Office > Startup > Word

We have all of these steps on our website:

If you still cannot get the tools in Word please contact Technical Support directly at

Phone: 800-336-4474
at the prompt press 4, and then select the “ResearchSoft Products” option.