Can't import references into an open EndNote library


I’ve just discovered that I now can’t import references from Scholar into EndNote while I’ve got my (one and only) library open. I definitely used to be able to do this, and it’s a proper faff to have to close my library every time I want to import a reference.

I’m using X6, Win7, Chrome and Word 2010. When I click ‘import into EndNote’ in Scholar it opens a window which asks me to select a reference library (this has never happened before) and when I select my library it tells me: “This file is in use. Enter a new name or close the file that’s open in another program.”

It seems to happen most of the time but sometimes it lets one straight through into the open library like it used to… very confusing (for me anyway but I’m a beginner). Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I remember having this problem, and it occured when I had the library in “online search mode” and not in “library” or “combined mode”.  Maybe yours is similar?  

Thanks for your reply. That seemed to work for a moment but then stopped, but it helped me figure out the problem - it only happens if I’ve just clicked on or highlighted anything in the preview of a pdf attached to a reference before I try to import a new reference. If I click on ‘All References’ or something it works properly. Thanks for taking the time to answer :slight_smile: