Problems importing citations


I have recently started having trouble importing citations into EndNote from Google Scholar. It has suddenly started asking for an import filter (it never had before) but whichever one I choose (e.g. Endnote Generic), the window just closes without importing the citation. If I go to File>Import, both the file and folder options are greyed out. Also, when I open Endnote it comes up with an error box, and when I click on OK the reference list is blank. My references are still all there because I can search on them and eventually the full list does come up. I noticed that these problems started after I imported a .enl file from a colleague.

I thought the program might be corrupted so I just uninstalled my old version and upgraded to Endnote X7. I also tried the repair library function, but nothing has worked - still getting the error message upon opening and still can’t imporrt citations.

Please can you help!




You must have a library currently open in order to import references.

Sometimes the browser will lose the Google Scholar settings. If your Google Scholar settings are set to import citations in to EndNote, then Google Scholar will produce a .enw file (for information on the settings see the following knowledge base article:

When you are asked to select an import Filter, you can set it to “EndNote Import.” Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Miguel Mendoza

Technical Support Agent.

Hi Miguel,

Thanks very much for your reply, but unfortuantely it doesn’t address my problem. I do have a library open when I try to import from Google Scholar, Google Scholar is configured for Endnote, and I have tried selecting the Endnote Import (generic) filter. It doesn’t matter which filter I choose - the window just closes and nothing happens.

As I mentioned in my original message, it is not just importing from Google Scholar that is the problem, so I suspect a more serious issue. Other problems are:

  1. When I open Endnote, I get a dialogue box that says ‘Endnote error’. I click OK and my library opens but does not display my references.

  2. When I go to File>Import in Endnote, both import options (file and folder) are greyed out.

This has been happening ever since I imported a library from a colleague.

I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, and repairing my library but it has made no difference.

I am really hoping you or someone else out there can help!



I suggest calling Tech support, to walk thru the problem.  I find that much faster to gettting to the solution, than the tech support submission process and you need to step thru the problem with someone, as we other users can’t do that thru back and forth here.  

Hi Jenny!

I am having the same problems as you are describing. Did you ever figure out what it was? 



Hi Sofia,

I’m sorry to hear about your problem! It turned out that my Endnote files were corrupted. But the good news is that the technical support at Thomson Reuter is excellent - i sent them my data files and they debugged them and sent them back to me and it all works fine now.

They also said that the problem may have been caused by my back up system - apaprently Endnote is incompatible with many back up software, so now I have set mine to not back up Endnote automatically (and I do it manually). I also close Endnote before running the back up.

So I suggest contacting technical support directly and i’m sure they will be able to help you. Good luck!


did you sort this problem out? I am facing the same problem after the university has removed the software and reinstall it again.

I would suggest contacting support.

M-F 6am to 5pm Pacific Time


Option 4 then 1

You can also submit a request on the web.

Hello there, 

I had the same problem after downloading Endnote X9 on Windows 10. Reinstalling didn’t help for me but when I went to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features, selecting ‘repair’ for Endnote resolved the issue as the default import filters and output styles were then added.

Hope this helps anyone who faces the same issue.