Google Scholar citations cant be imported Chrome into Endnote X7 shared library.

Hi all. I can import references into Endnote X7 shared library Google Scholar using the browsers IE and Firefox. Chrome sends me to save the files onto my ‘downloads’ on my hard drive. it does not give me the option save or open directly into Endnote sshared library. Thisis only a recent problem and it was working previously.  One of my team members can still import from Chrome, but other team members can’t.

Any suggestions are welcome


How to set up auto open on Chrome is given in the Liitle Endnote How to Book on  pg 34-38 ish

Hi Leanne

Thanks for your response but this wasn’t exactly the issue i was having in Endnote 7. i had been using the ‘Importing into Endnote’ setting in Chrome after doing Google Scholar searches. Previously the file would directly open in Endnote online shared library, but now i must save into my downlaod folder on my PC and then it automaticaly opens in the same library, where i save it again. it’s a recent glitch with Chrome but i can get around it. No settings have been changed so unless my IT department did a nremote upgrade of Chrome which has affected it, i dont understand this glitch. im not going to proceed further with trying to fix it, as none of my team could come up with an easy solution. thanks for trying to help. its much appreciated!

Same problem with Chrome using Endnote X9.

X9 will directly import a reference from Scholar using Firefox.

BUT with Chrome, the same reference must first be saved as a file, then imported, with 3 steps instead of the 1 in Firefox.