Can't move references to trash


I’m using Endnote X7 on a PC that’s running Windows 7. I am unable to move references to the trash folder, no matter which method I use (dragging to trash, ctrl+d, right click and selecting move to trash, selecting duplicate references). This is the case for all my libraries. I have previously used Endnote with no problems, and I think this issue may have arisen following upgrade of my OS to Windows 7. I’ve restored all default Endnote settings and tried recovering the library, with no effect. Does anyone have any suggestions for what might be the problem, or has anyone else had issues after an upgrade to Widnows 7?

Thanks in advance!

Make sure your library does not live in the programs folder, which in Windows 7 is Write protected.  The program can’t write to it, so it can’t create the folder to delete things to.