can't open any library file on mac version of Endnote

i suddenly can’t open any Endnote reference library files on Mac version of Endnote X6. However, Windows version of Enndnote X6 don’t seem to have this problem. I even tried to install a trail version fo Endnote X7 on my mac but it still doesn’t work…

May I ask why this is happning and what’s the solution?


(using Mac OS X 10.9.1 on iMac)

Hi there,

I’m sorry this is happening. Have you tried the recover library command in EndNote? Click the tools menu and recover library.  A copy of your library will be renamed to libraryname-saved once the recovery process is complete. Next, try opening the library. If this still doesn’t help, you can send the library to us to take a look at. Call Technical Support at 800-336-4474 at the prompt press 4, then select “ResearchSoft Products”.

Also, if you are opening your library from a Dropbox folder, this may cause file corruption.

Hope this helps,