Endnote cannot open my library!


I have been using Endnote X2 on my Mac for several months, and have built a fairly substantial library (but alas, did not back it up).

When I tried to open the library today, I received the following error message:  “The document “[library name]” could not be opened”.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be wrong – and how I might fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Did you try opening it from the program, or by double clicking on the endnote library.  -If one way, try the other way. 

Did you move the library and if so, did you move the associated .DATA folders to the same place?

I am having this same problem.

I am running Endnote X3 on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and have been using Endnote for about 4 months now and all of the sudden I cannot open my library. I have not moved any of my library folders associated with the .enl file. I also tried double clicking it in finder, opening it within Endnote and still no luck. I tried importing a source from a database online and it says could not open ______. The blank being the name of the file of the source. The only thing that I can think of that I changed was the format Bibliography in Word from Annals of the Association of the American Geographer to Geology, but as I changed it back I am still having this problem. My .enl file is 287kb, is there perhaps a 300kb limit?

I don’t think it is file size constraint.  My library enl file is 3,939 Kb (WindowsXP).  Have you tried the repair library option?  Another trick to try, is to copy the .DATA folder to a new location and create an empty file with a text program with the same “library’sName” appended with .enl.  If the .DATA folder information is intact, it will recreate the .enl file.  

I just got a new computer, downloaded Endnote X4, then transferred an existing endnote library.  It won’t open it or rather says there are no entried.  I double checked on old computer, looked at the transferred files and they do not differ.  How do I make it read the files?

On the old machine make sure you first compress your library from file>compress menu and this will create a LibraryName.enlx file which contains all the files and folders compressed into one. On the new computer, delete any LibraryName.enl file and LibraryName.DATA folder (which are incomplete). Move that file to your new computer and open with endnote and it will unpack creating the LibraryName.enl and LibraryName.DATA folder and subfolders.  You need both of these components to have the full uncorrupted library.