MEDLINE (OvidSP) online (connection) search not retrieving found records

Has anyone else experienced the problem of EndNote not retrieving references found on MEDLINE (OvidSP) via the online (connection) search function.  We run a search, the confirm pop-up window indicates that there are records, but when we click OK to retrieve, nothing happens.

This is a problem on ENX2 (what I have), and on ENX (what a patron is using.)  We are not retrieving 2010 publication year records.  I have the most recent MEDLINE (OvidSP) connection file installed.

I can downloand and import the same MEDLINE records, or I can directly export the MEDLINE records from OvidSP without any problem. 

The MEDLINE (OvidSP) online (connection) search was working last month (Dec 2009) on both EN versions listed above.


Yes, there is definitely a problem. It seems to be restricted to Medline. The connection file for AMED is still working OK.

I’ve sent an email to the technical support people at Ovid, with a transcript of the session from EndNote. For information, you can view the session transcript by clicking on Window>Show Connection Status and selecting “Status Messages” from the dropdown menu.

Let’s hope they fix it quickly.

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Thanks for the session transcript info and for passing the problem onto Ovid Technical Support directly.


Thanks for catching and reporting this quickly!


It looks like it is now working again- I was likewise unable to retrieve records from Medline (OvidSP) yesterday but it seems to be back today.



I’m having the same problem with my PubMed connection in X2.0.4. The problem is intermittent. When I have Endnote X2 open and not Word, retrieving seems to work. I open a document in Word (even one with no Endnote references inserted) and all of a sudden - no retrieval of references.

Any clues what’s happening?

And here we January 2011, and again, there is a problem with the online connection not retrieving found records for MEDLINE (OvidSP).  The problem is to specific to this database on OvidSP. 

I have contacted Ovid Support and was told that the annual reload of MEDLINE included some new fields, and that if I did not have the most recent MEDLINE filter from EndNote, then the addition of new fields could be causing EndNote to fail.

Unfortunately the most recent MEDLINE connection file on the EndNote site is dated 9/9/10.  (And the most recent import filter is 8/17/2010). 

I have the session transcript to MEDLINE as per John East’s message last year - because I think that the new fields cause is a red herring.  In the meantime, has anyone got a connection file that does work?   And for that matter, a more recent import filter (we have never been able to export more than 450 records at a time since the interface changed last summer)

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Hi Tasmin,

There was a reload to add six new fields to Medline.  I tried to connect and search just now and everything seems to be working fine.  I updated the filter and connection file to accomodate the new fields today and tested both successfully.  They are attached to this message.

Kind regards,

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Medline (OvidSP).enz (4.79 KB)
MEDLINE (OvidSP).enf (2.83 KB)

Lovely. Just tested and things are back on track.  Thank you.

Help. Trying to import a ton of references from pubmed using the online search feature; Endnote 4x, all updated; it finds the reference but never actually brings it into the database. Help! on deadline!