Unable to get references

I received an email from a client and I don’t know where to start.  This is a brande new OSX 10.5 installation with Endnote X2 + update.

I am unable to download the found references when I do asearch on pubmed using endnote. Usually when you enter the author name and other information to search on. Hit search and it gives you “found 1 to xx references”, these show up in a list. I get the found part and the person I was searching on had 44 references, but they don’t show up anywhere. The list to the left of the view within the library shows pubmed 0. Even though I am clearly searching in pubmed.

Any ideas?

Are they searching in integrated or online mode?  When I did this, if all the matches were already in my library, no matched references were retrieved in the integrated mode.  This is to prevent duplicate downloads.  The online mode works as it used to, which means you can download and incorporate duplicates.

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How would I check if the person is using online or integrated mode?

See the attached image from John East’s website

 (http://www.library.uq.edu.au/endnote/new_in_endnoteX2.html#2) Scroll down just a little to get to the image and discussion. 

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