Capital and lower case for a state.(Wa)

Using Chicago style 16 in endnote 5

I can’t see why this is showig a lower case a when it is written as uppercase in reference field.  Also I cant see how this can be changed in output style. Can anyone help please?.

National Trust of Australia (Wa), in full. I used “book” as the reference type. Should I change thiis and to what reference type. Seems a strange error.

Ball Julie, Kelsall David, and John Pidgeon. Statewide Survey of Hotels 1829-1939, Southern Region, Western Australia ; Prepared for the Cultural Environment Committee, National Trust of Australia (Wa). Vol. 13571609, Perth W.A.1915.

I dont know if it will hold the italics when published on the forum. Post flooding was detected so I have taken out the italics

Many  thanks

Hello, Kaila:

Your style is likely set for title capitalization to be “Headline case.” This  will automatically capitalize the first letter of each significant word and lowercase the rest of the letters, like this:

This Title is in Headline Case

To keep it from altering certain words, please go to Edit>Preferences (or EndNote>Preferences on a Mac) and choose Change Case. Enter the word as you wish it to always appear. For example, to keep the style from changing WA to Wa, you would enter WA into the Change Case list. EndNote will then know that that is always the correct capitalization for that word, regardless of the style setting.

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Thank you Gillian,  this makes sense.